Our Process

What We Do For Your Practice

Observation and evaluation

Observation and Evaluation

Deep dive into financials, growth, services, people, quality.

Observation and evaluation

Practice Review

After our in-depth analysis of the practice is performed, we provide a presentation of the results and findings to review with the provider.

Observation and evaluation


After a thorough analysis we provide recommendations that will best suit your practice's needs.

Observation and evaluation


Within a 3 month period, we begin the implementation process. This includes: educating teams on our findings, upcoming changes, training, and support.

Observation and evaluation

Post Implementation Review

Once our processes are up and running we schedule a time to come back and review the implementation progress. This allows us to gage the success of our implementation strategy and make adjustments if necessary.

Observation and evaluation

Maintenance and support

We provide continuous maintenance and support to physicians and staff to ensure your practice continues to be successful.


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